Monday, December 19, 2016

Gasstårn positioned almost in pieces on the Statoil-plant – Aftenbladet.en

When rustskaden on propantårnet on the Plant was discovered, it was 2 millimeters back of the wall.

In the tank at Kårstø, north of Stavanger, is stored propane at high pressure (15-16 bar). It was in august that a overflatesjekk discovered korrosjonsskaden in propantårnet with gas from Åsgard. Really should the wall be 22 millimeters thick. In some areas had 2 inch corroded away and there remained only 2 millimeters of tankveggen.

On an area the size of half a palm varied the thickness was the thickness 2. In a slightly larger area around there was around 4 millimeters of the wall.


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