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2011: “I fear that a new crusade is necessary,” 2016: May be new … – Aftenposten

on Sunday, reported NTB, NRK and TV2 that the progress party ministers Anders Anundsen and Tord Lien is on the way out of the Government.

in justisministerstolen is likely to be Per-Willy Amundsen of the state of minnesota. He is now state secretary in the ministry of local government and regional development. Previously, he was innvandringspolitisk the spokesperson for the progress party.

Aftenposten has not confirmed these statsrådsskiftene.

the ministry of Justice and public security has in addition to crime-fighting, the courts, lovarbeid and emergency preparedness, the responsibility for immigration and integration.

In april 2011 Amundsen wrote this message on his Facebook page:

“I hope that my son can live up with the same freedom, which I take as a matter of course. This weekend I’m alenepappa, it is wonderful. But I hope that he gets to experience the same freedom as me. Unfortunately, I am not sure. the I fear that a new crusade is necessary.” (our emphasis, ed. anm).

the Entry was removed

After strong reactions removed Amundsen quickly update from Facebook, but A politician Snorre Valen secured this screenshot of his page:

the Message in 2011 was featured in Bergensavisen.

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Born 21. January 1971

Stortingsplass for Frp 2005-2013.

In 2013 appointed as the secretary of state for municipal and moderniseringsminister Jan Tore Sanner (H).

1. candidate Troms the progress stortingsliste in 2017.

progress party’s faction leader in the kommunalkomiteen 2005-2009, and was then the party’s immigration spokesperson.

Set in kommunalkomiteen to him, in 2011, was placed in the energy and miljøkomiteen.

Was the progress party’s environmental policy spokesperson 2011-2013.

Concerned about democracy because of immigration

Per-Willy Amundsen tops the progress stortingsliste in the county of Troms in the next year options. He has sat in Parliament since 2005.

In 2007, he said, to the progress party’s website, that immigration from non-western countries in a few years can lead to the fact that Norway no longer is democratic:

– If the increase in immigration from non-western countries just continue in the same track as now, the consequences will be dramatic. Within not too many years we risk in the worst case that the Uk ceases to be a democracy, and that Norwegian core values, such as freedom of speech, tolerance and respect for the individual, disappears.

In an interview with Aftenposten in 2007 deepened, he:

– I do not say that we are in a situation where the Norwegian democracy is threatened. But we have a responsibility also to think about the challenges in the long term. Maybe we’re talking about 2060, maybe about 2100.

He was particularly concerned about immigration from Pakistan, Iraq and Somalia.

Here are also some other innvandrerkritiske rumblings he has come up with:

– the Schengen agreement does not work

In the wake of the flyktningkrisen in the last year winter passed Troms conservative party at its annual meeting earlier in the year that they should go in for the abolition of the Schengen agreement.

Amundsen was one of the participants at the annual meeting. Afterwards, he explained the decision as, according to the NTB:

— the Schengen agreement has been shown not to work. We have to take the consequences of. A termination will result in another border, which will give us better control over the people who are in the country.

the general assembly also agreed that they should not be allowed to cross the Schengens and Norway’s border to Russia with the bike.

Valgforsker: – Has already Listhaug where

Valgforsker Bernt Aardal characterizing it as remarkable if Amundsen release Anundsen, writes VG.

Amundsen is a prolific innvandringskritiker, and when they already have Listhaug there, this will be an intensification in favor of Frp. It looks startling when we see how contentious Listhaug is, ” says Aardal, professor of political science at the University of Oslo.

Skeptical of man-made climate change

Amundsen has also argued for the Right not need to recognize climate change as a mainly human-induced.

In an interview with DN in 2012, said Amundsen that he believes there is a correlation between anthropogenic emissions and climate change, but he defined himself as klimaskeptiker and asked themselves how strong your relationship really is.

He believes that the links between extreme weather and climate change can be perceived as examples of exaggeration.

Rejected criticism in 2011

Aftenposten contacted Sunday evening Per-Willy Amundsen to get a comment to the Facebook post and previous statements, but has not yet received a reply.

SV leader Audun Lysbakken thinks the message from 2011 is an example of rhetoric from Amundsen that seems divisive.

– If it is true that Amundsen will be nominated, does it mean that the government is moving even further beyond in the same place by axis authorities in Norwegian politics, believes Lysbakken.

There will be a strengthening of the part of the conservative party which leads the most divisive and aggressive rhetoric about minorities and integration, and we obtain in addition a minister who openly have defended the lies about climate research. It is enough of a reason to ask the Left and KrF why in the world they continue to make sure that this government has the power, ” he says.

– Foolish debate

In 2011 rejected the Amundsen criticism after the post he had posted.

– This is a totally silly debate. I have no reason to be accountable for Audun Lysbakken and Snorre Valens political correctness, ” he told Bergensavisen.

– you don’t Understand that people react to the use of the term “crusade”?

– I removed the status just because of that Lysbakken chose to interpreted it in the worst sense. I put out a new post where I explained what I meant with “crusade”. My crusade is about to stand up for our values. I think it is high time that Europe stands up against the folkeinnvandringen we see in our time. It is my crusade. I do not encourage violence, ” said Amundsen at the time.

Crusade is according to the Big Norwegian Encyclopedia the common name of a number of krigstokt in the middle ages, who intended to spread roman catholic christianity or protect it against pagans, muslims or heretics.


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