Tuesday, December 20, 2016

BMW-thieves taken in the Eastern regions – Adresseavisen

the Case is updated.

Two men are arrested in california, charged with thefts from several cars of the brand BMW, writes NRK .

Charged with several break-ins

They were arrested on Saturday and are both charged with several burglaries in the car in the Drammen area, ” says politioverbetjent Jan Henrik Håkestad to NRK.

the Police have had the environment under control. Last Saturday two people were followed to the airport and apprehended. They are both ” I for four weeks. They are both Lithuanian nationals and was on his way to Lithuania when they were taken, ” says politioverbetjent Stig Vasbø in the Oslo police in a press release

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Earlier in the fall was both Trøndelag and Eastern norway, ravaged by gang who stole the steering wheel and accessories from the BMW-is.

I’m in despair and cursed, said a car.

– We work to take the actors who are behind these thefts. Such cases be given priority because this affects many people and creating insecurity, ” says Vasbø.

Work closely with police in Trøndelag

Now begins the police in southern california job to find out how many burglaries the two men may be linked to. The police have collaborated on across politidistrikter in Norway, and has also worked closely with the police in other countries, informs the police press release.

– Have this gang any connection to the bilinnbruddene in Trondheim?

– We are pretty sure that this group has not been in Trondheim, but we have a close cooperation with the police of the county, ” says Stig Vasbø to Adresseavisen.

– Have the two indicted men any connection to the that have operated in Trøndelag?

– What we see now, is about who is related to whom. Some may have connection with each other, while others do not have it, ” says Vasbø to Adresseavisen

Included with the car parts in Lithuania

a few days ago was the three persons apprehended by the police in Lithuania with parts that originate from the break-in BMW cars in the Uk. Investigation continues in Norway as in other countries, is called it in the press release.

Police have previously said that it probably is at least two BMW-mobs in the air in Norway.

BMW-brekkene has cost insurance companies millions since summer.


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