Saturday, December 17, 2016

The left would vote no to the budget, but changed her mind at the last minute. – Dagsavisen

After weeks of loudly budsjettkrangling, was regjeringspartnerne Right and the Progress party finally agreed and got support from the Left and the Progress of next year’s budget. Did they believe.

Saturday morning was full chaos in Parliament, then Left a half hour before the vote announced that they would vote against the Finanskomiteens suggestions to finansskatt. The party would therefore vote against the whole inntektsdelen of their own national budget. It would have been highly unusual. After that Siv Jensen ran after the Left-the head and the bourgeois parties had an emergency meeting in an adjoining room in the Parliament, so it still appears that the Left would vote no. First, when the poll was started, announced the Left that they would turn around, and still vote for the budget that they themselves have adopted. Thus was enough of a budsjettkrise called off at the last minute.

- It was completely wild here for a while, ” says Truls Wickholm in Arbeideiderpartiet.

socialist left, Snorre Valen are not impressed by the Left.

- It is completely groundbreaking. It would, in reality, meant that the entire budsjettavtalen was over. Siv Jensen looked completely shocked, ” says Valen, who describes the mood in the parliamentary assembly room pressure.

- It is incredible that the bourgeois partien do not manage to haul together a finished adopted the budget without chaos. They are arguing among themselves all the way into the poll in the saddle, ” says Valen.

Valen believes this is a clear resignation from the Left, which shows that the party has very difficult to rally behind the government’s policies.

- resignation

- This is a clear message from the Left. They are no doubt that there are a cooperative basis. There is also a resignation from the government when they fail to put in place a more consensus than this, ” says Valen.

There was the question of finansskatt that led to the chaos in the parliamentary assembly room. Read more about the background of Saturday’s haraball here:

Trine Skei Grande (V) gives the Labour party the blame for the chaotic Saturday in the Parliament.

- If anyone is wondering why the Left are struggling to collaborate with the Ap, is the day today is a good example, says a highly specified Trine Skei Grande of the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen.

She says the party all the time had thought the Labour party would vote for finanskomiteens proposals, including the controversial finansskatten. Thus could the Left have voted against, to show their strong opposition against the finansskatten, which the party fears would lead to a loss of jobs for small banks around the country.

- It is dealing to vote for all the frames. It is very big payday to see that it is more important for the Ap to degrading another party and to drive the game than to save jobs, ” says Grande.

- do not Understand the system

Truls Wickholm in the Labour party says the Left is either playing himself or not have understood budsjettsystemet in the Parliament.

- Finansskatten is a part of the overall budsjettavtalen the Left has gone on. Budsjettforliket have a utgiftsside and a inntektsside. This is just as meaningless as if the political Right would not have voted for bilavgift, says Wickholm.

It is tradition that parliament unanimously adopts tax and avgiftsopplegget, in order to facilitate what can be a complicated poll. But since the Left made it clear that the party would mark the distance, it changed the political realities, ” says Wickholm.

” We were prepared to vote for. But when the Left will show that there is political difference, they can not expect that Ap will be united.

Snorre Valen believes the chaos from the Left shows that the party has big problems to stand for the policies of finance minister Siv Jensen (Frp). It understands him well.

If I were the Left, I would have considered to change the page. They make a lot of noise and blames others, but it is the Left that makes the government sit, ” says Valen.


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