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Put away the suit against Trude Drevland – NRK

All the three were in it ” for corruption in connection with, among other things, baptism and etterfølgande cruise with the cruise ship Viking Star in the year.

Drevland and the Garden was it ” gross corruption, Tangerås for corruption.

the Police delivered the say setting to the prosecutor in the summer. After the NRK knows, recommended the police to withdraw the indictment against Trude Drevland for gross corruption, and against Inge Tangerås for simple corruption, but not go further with siktinga against Torstein Hagen.

today ruled the district attorney to put away the suit against all three.

– the Doubt is too large

It’s been working intensely with this issue. It is extensive, with many theme. After a heilskapsvurdering we have shown that there is cause to doubt that we henlegg guilty on bevisets position, ” says attorney general Ellen Cathrine Greve of the Norwegian broadcasting corporation.

– To legga away a case after bevisets position will both comprise of the cases where the doubt is significant, and where the doubt is small.

She think saksbehandlingstida in this suit have been longer than ønskeleg.

I understand that there has been a strain for those involved. But in a case of this magnitude, were it not to avoid that saksbehandlingstida was longer than norma on 30 days.


the Suit against Drevland was first treated as a undersøkingssak and cast aside without investigation. After that the matter was much discussed in the press decided the førstestatsadvokat Eirik Proud-Nielsen that the suit should etterforskast.

Greve, type in the pressemeldinga that the central etterforskinga has been mayor t. søviknes say godmother role, questions around can be ignored of the ship Viking Star in the Norwegian International ship register (NIS), sjøsettinga of the ship in Venice, the baptism in the Bergen harbour 17. may 2015, and it etterfølgande jomfrucruiset 18.-19. may on the route Bergen-Stavanger Oslo, in addition to the Staircase motiveringssenter as well as the free Istanbul-cruise Drevland first thanked yes to, but then canceled.

the hotly contested RELATION: Skipsreiar Torstein Hagen and former appointed interim mayor Trude Drevland (H) both have been it ” for corruption in the cruise case. Today, the la district attorney in the suit away.

Photo: Ash, Eric / NTB scanpix

Facts: Cruisedåp-case

Foto: Tom Guldbrandsen

  • Mayor Trude Drevland was godmother when the cruise ship “the Viking Star” was baptized in a large-scale ceremony at Bryggen in Bergen, 17. may 2015.
  • In the aftermath it came out that Drevland and her son in June the year before was taken by private planes at Flesland airport and flown to Venice, where they stayed at luxury hotel. Travel and accommodation was paid by the shipping company Viking Cruises, which is owned and operated by Norwegian Torstein Hagen.
  • After the baptism in the Bergen went Drevland and her husband on a three day cruise with “Viking Star”, a journey paid for by the company.
  • Two months after veneziaturen ba Garden Drevland for help to get changed the rules of the Norwegian International ship register, so that the cruise ship could be registered and have a home port in Bergen. Drevland contacted the Norwegian trade and industry minister Monica Mæland, who is a former yesterday in Bergen. Two months later the rules changed.
  • After revelations in the media was the mayor Drevland on sick leave 5. June. A planned free cruisereise with the “Viking Star” in October was also cancelled after the media stories. The journey was a gudmorgave from the shipping company.
  • 15. June lamented Drevland failing judgement in an emotional press conference at city hall in Bergen.
  • the Police created a case opened to investigate the circumstances around the skipsdåpen and travels, but politijurist Ole Bjørn Mevatne henla case only four days later, before the trip to Venice and the cruise in October was known.
  • 10. august was Trude Drevland back on the job for the Right after sykmeldingen.
  • After the lookup in the media asked the commissioner of police John Reidar Nilsen 31. august to consider the resumption of undersøkelssesaken. Attorney general Erik Proud-Nielsen confirmed the resumption only a few hours later.
  • Late the same evening, told Trude Drevland in a press release that she would take unpaid leave while politisaken in progress.
  • 18. september took the police out of charges of gross corruption against Drevland and havnedirektør Inge Tangerås. Tangerås la to facilitate skipsdåpen 17. may, and was with to Venice, and on the cruise after the national day.
  • Later also have owner Torstein Hagen has been charged with corruption. Police say the investigation of the case can take months or years.

the district attorney write in his press release that in order to take out the indictment shall påtalemyndigheita be convinced that the suspect has made it vedkommande is released:

“corruption is the required intent. Further on, the need his many prosecution notices be convinced that the truth is tilstrekkelege for a domfelling.”

the public Prosecutor also has laid away the suit against the suspended hamnedirektøren Inge Tangerås, that was it ” for the common corruption. The two have been under investigation in the halvanna years.


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