Sunday, December 18, 2016

NTB: Anders Anundsen finished as the minister of justice, – the Newspaper.en

progress party ministers Anders Anundsen and Tord Lien is for the NTB experience on the way out of the government. Substitutes is Per-Willy Amundsen and Terje Søviknes.

the Changes are scheduled to be published in conjunction with the minister this coming Tuesday at 16.

the ministry of Justice and beredskapsminister Anders Anundsen is replaced by Per-Willy Amundsen, which today is the state secretary in the Ministry and moderniseringsdepartementet. Amundsen was in several years innvandringspolitisk spokesperson in the conservative party. Now he becomes a minister in the ministry of Justice and public security, along with immigration and integreringsminister Sylvi Listhaug.

Oil and energy minister Tord Lien have in common with the Anundsen been minister in all the Solberg government’s lifetime. He will be replaced by the long-standing Os mayor Terje Søviknes, which thus obtains its definitive comeback in politics.

Both Anundsen and the Lien shall, after the NTB even understand have expressed the wish to resign. The extent to which it is also set to be changes in the regjeringslaget to the Right the nearest time, is not known.

Søviknes, which is inside his fifth term as mayor in the municipality of Os after an excellent election in 2015, replaces in this case the Tord Lien (progress party) as minister of petroleum and energy. Søviknes do not want to comment on this.

- I have never comment to any form of speculation, he says to NTB.

47-year-old from the Os has since 2013 been a permanent member of the progress party’s sentralstyre, when he for the first time made a comeback in politics since he was forced to withdraw from all rikspolitiske election in 2001. When it was known that he had had sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old girl after a profile in the progress party Youth.

the progress party’s Per-Willy Amundsen takes over the post of the ministry of justice and the beredskapsminister after Anders Anundsen, after the NTB experience.

the county of Troms-the man, who has distinguished himself as a skeptic in both the climate – and when the black messiah, has since 2013 been state secretary in the Ministry and moderniseringsdepartementet.

It has not succeeded in NTB to get a comment from Amundsen that he should be on the way over in statsrådposten in the department of Justice.

Soon, it is only in little Norway that the debate is still controlled by klimafundamentalistene in environmental organisations as law to launch one of the irrational “klimatiltaket” after the other, without anyone saying the contrary. Sanity must return in klimadebatten. It will Right sure, ” said Amundsen to the VG in 2012.

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