Sunday, January 1, 2017

– The kids have it good – TV 2

In april, told TV 2 the story of samboerparet Erik (21) and Natasha Olsen Myra (24) from Østfold, which got stripped of their newborn twins on fødestua of child welfare.

the Child welfare meant Natasha had a diagnosis of mental handicapped, something that was later proven wrong.

After a half year battle, it was decided that parents should be reunited with their children, with the assumption of a stay in a familieinstitusjon.

But in the summer escaped the parents with the children to Poland and was clamoring through Interpol.

On the visit in Poland

Recently, Mona”, which has been previously beredskapsmor for Natasha for child, visiting family.

While Fylkesnemnda believe the parents Erik and Natasha Olsen Myra exposes children to stress reactions, “says” that she is impressed.

And that your children have it good.

In an apartment in Poland has the little family lived in over half a year on the run from child welfare authorities.

I saw a family of four who have it very good. And two girls who develop just as they should develop. And I’m so confident and good parents, ” says Mona, who has been one of the family’s main supporters.

– Bad omsorgsevne

Fylkesnemda believe, however, that parents do not have good enough omsorgsevne, and is supported both by an expert psychologist and a mother kids-center.

Experts believe they have for the poor omsorgsevne. Have they not the right?

– No. What I see shows that they are wrong, say”.

Friday, could TV 2 tell that child welfare for the second time would take the kids on a family centre. And that the date on the agreement for the stay was modified.

It was after this datoendringen that the parents chose to escape out of the country with his daughters.

Child welfare authorities claim the change was accepted by the Erik and Natasha, something they deny strongly.

I’m kjempesint. And I’m kjempeskuffet over a system that I up until a year ago thought it worked, “says Mona”.


towards the trial of the twins in January the couple lived on the money close the sponsors have collected through Facebook.

” believe this is the only right thing to do.

– It’s because I’m one hundred percent sure that girls belong at home with mom and dad. And that the girls have it best with them.

– I see that they are developing properly and that they have it good, say”.

And it makes you even though the parents are charged with the abduction of their children?

I have absolutely no qualms with it.


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