Saturday, June 18, 2016

Writing buttons on the roadway during bike race – ABC News

drawing pins were found in a hill down towards Skreia center in East Toten.

– In downhills cycled it in very high speed, and getting a puncture in a tight field there could be very serious, said operations manager Geir Morten Bjerk Violence in Inland police told NRK.

No one has been injured by drawing pins, writes Oppland Arbeiderblad.

– one can imagine how it is when you come at great speed. There are some who have done this with intention, and I’m not sure why someone may expose racers for this, she said to Adresseavisen.

Styrkeprøven have been subjected to similar sabotage several years earlier. This year, participating 5,200 cyclists in the race.

– There are so desperate that people should behave in this way. Who the hell has enjoyed this? Who thinks it’s fun to destroy this way ?, says general manager of amperage, Morten Dark, told NRK.


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