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Fearing sabotage on amperage – NRK

– It was found thumbtacks in the last downhill on road 33 towards Skreia center, said operations by police in Gurgaon, Geir Morten Bjerk Violence.

He says this could have major consequences for racers in the traditional race.

– in downhill cycled it in very high speed, and getting a puncture in a tight field there could be very serious, says Birch Violence

He added that they currently have no suspects in the case.

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Despairing organizer

– Who the hell did enjoy this? Who thinks it’s fun to destroy this way?

It is the immediate comment general manager of amperage, Morten Dark gives when he speaks with NRK Saturday afternoon.

– What do you think about what happened?

– I do not know what to think, there are so desperate that people should behave in this way, says Dark telling that 50 cyclists were frame, but fortunately no one was injured.

– They were awful upset

Ann Kristin Knudsen stood on record for the ride just after the hill where drawing pins were laid out. She says it could have gone really bad for riders going at great speed. She took a picture of a group that she believes was from Stavanger:

– There was a group of 15-20 pieces that suddenly stopped at the gas station where I stood. They stood nappa out thumbtacks and it was not just one but many in the tires.

– What did Racers?

– They were pretty quiet but they really awful angry.

It turns out that racers Knudsen took a picture of was cyclists from Klepp Cycle Club.

– None of us was injured or fell off the bike due to puncture, says John Stava in Klepp Cycling Club . He was one of 15 Klepp cyclists who participated in the race between Lillehammer and Oslo.

Deadliest sabotage

Caroline Vamnes is press officer for The great test of strength. The picture was taken in 2015 during the Oslo classics.

Photo: Ola Morken

Over 5,200 cyclists participating in the weekend of bike Styrkeprøven, which runs from Trondheim to Oslo. Five times Bike been hit by sabotage with thumbtacks, and fear has been that no one left to throw thumbtacks in the road, as in 2014 and also in 2012 and 2013.

– The worst thing that can happen is that any should perish, says press officer for Styrkeprøven, Caroline Vamnes.

Ronnie Mathisen cycled 135 km with a thumbtack in covered under Styrkeprøven 2014. He rode Lillehammer Oslo and got the pin at Gurgaon.

She emphasizes that it is not only dangerous for cyclists, but also for other motorists and bystanders.

– If a group of cyclists running across thumbtacks a risk of punctures and wallow and then it will also affect people who are nearby.

– Checks you track beforehand?

– we do of course. We run an inspection along the trail, but thumbtacks and such are often placed in the track during the race. That although we have run the inspection so it can be placed in the large time period is from kl. 22 Friday night and 36 hours ahead.

– Almost as an attempted murder

Ronnie Mathisen.

Photo: private

Ronnie Mathiesen who in 2014 rode for Ullensaker CK experienced sabotage close up two years ago.

Then the mass thumbtacks thrown into the road in several places. Only in Toten ran between 50 and 60 cyclists on thumbtacks and punctured during the ride.

They were 25 riders together that started from Lillehammer, at Gjovik had 12 of them break:

– Some has had his pockets full of thumbtacks and strewn around with them. It is very dangerous. It ranks not blink even before fall. It is very dangerous, almost like an attempted murder, said Ronnie Mathisen told NRK that time.

Although he got a pin in the tire, but managed to cycle 135 km without puncturing.

The major test of strength 2014. Team Pursuit passing Lillehammer.

Photo: Knut Røsrud / NRK


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