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May lose grant the license: – Showing that it pays to be club … –

(Dagbladet): Today it was announced that the club Blue in Oslo may have to shut serving alcohol if Næringsetaten not choose to renew grant the license.

Næringsetaten told Dagbladet that the decision is not taken yet .

They have not yet sent an alert to Blue on the basis of a comprehensive police report.

After the Dagbladet experiencing trades report including that nightspots profile attracts undesirable elements.

Blue is known club nights including hip hop and electronic music.

Meanwhile, it must appear from the report that the police believe that the club occupying too many resources.

the Oslo police said they every four years is obliged to respond to a hearing when it comes to liquor license, but declined to comment further .

– On the basis of considering Næringsetaten now what to do next. The case based mainly on order problems.

Aftenposten wrote earlier today that Blue must shut serving alcohol from Friday, unless there is a new message from Næringsetaten before that.

– Right now the situation is uncertain, it stirs a lot of things. We have worked really hard the whole day to create dialogue with Næringsetaten and proper institutions and now things are more in limbo, says Chairman of Blue, Kristine Pettersen, Dagbladet this afternoon.

She says that they hope for a reprieve and awaits definitive answer from Næringsetaten about what’s going to happen.

– coming to pulverize Norwegian music

– for my part, this is more than just a shock how I wonder what the hell they are doing. There are also emotional for me, says Martin Eia-Revheim Dagbladet.

He was involved in starting up Blue in 1998.

– Blue Over the past 20 years had a swell solid position. The club is still relevant and is in my opinion better and better. Blue, along with a college of other important clubs, helped to establish music city Oslo, and in recent years can be seen as a new golden age, he said.

Eia-Revheim is not only concerned about the Blue, but also for clubs like Villa and Jaeger.

– Is it the places you should take now? They are equally important. If so, it’s going to pulverize Norwegian music. Now I understand that the police do not have a music policy program to go after, but I think that those who have a music political responsibility might also should be involved in taking an assessment here.

He also think it is a funny way to attack the real problem.

– the Blue and the Fish & amp; Vilt’s case has in no way cultivated a culture that offers up to trouble. Blue has collaborated police when there has been trouble, and they have even been distressed situations.

– What is sad is that it’s not about bad or irresponsible operation, but the problems that places itself does not invite and who they themselves have tried to do something. Have also the police have a responsibility and one can understand that they are tired of it. But this is a punishment that affects all wrong party, in the absence of being able to deal with the real problem.

– Paying off not being club that plays dance music

Also Runar Eggesvik, partner the company Trouble Shoots, including working with Kulturhuset, Vulkan Arena and Sugar snippet, believes it will be sad if Blue is not renewed grant the license.

– I do not know the case in detail, but you can see the some tendencies here. First and foremost, you can say that it pays to be the club that plays modern dance music like hip hop and RnB. The last places that have been closed’ve the profile.

He is referring to the nightlife Seeds and Fish & amp; Vilt. The former got stricter license its last year. Fish & amp; Vilt failed to renew a liquor license in May this year.

– The way I see it has blue gone far to dry to play the genres, while working against violence and drug use. There are so strict and uncertain conducting bar in Oslo that all work hard to combat adverse situations. Man trying as best you can to keep it in check. At Blue should be punished for daring to play dance music is sad. It has been a cultural venue for the town for 20 years.

He also seems it’s funny if places like calling the police should be punished for it.

– Also one can ask oneself what working conditions this entails for those who work in these places. How do we dare to start up something or look for work in the entertainment industry?

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