Thursday, June 30, 2016

Businessman convicted of hiding millions abroad – NRK

This week dropped judgment Gulating Court of Appeal against the businessman in his 60′s.

Norwegian authorities took over the serious tax fraud case in October 2013, after the Hordaland Police started investigation against the man.

the Bergen businessman convicted of having hidden a fortune of over $ 200 million in foreign company registered in Scotland, Cyprus and the Isle of man.

In addition, an income of NOK 29 million withheld from the Norwegian authorities.

The recent ruling of the Court of Appeal states that Bergenser unndro tax for around ten million.

– Prosecutors are pleased that the court of Appeal agrees that there has been a gross tax fraud, said police attorney ASNE Hana Torgersen NRK.

Important to pounce on this

the court thinks it is important to clamp down on this sort of evasion. Of “general deterrence considerations dictate a strict sanction against tax evasion of such magnitude and character that it should apply punishment,” says the ruling.

By the judgment it emerges that the defendant has deliberately evaded taxes on income of nearly 30 million, and a net worth of 204 million.

the judgment pointed out that the man knew it would be difficult for tax authorities to find this information unless he informed about it yourself.

Therefore imprisonment initially set to three years and six months in Bergen County Court.

– It’s a complex issue with many transactions and it has taken time to ascertain all the facts of the case. It has spread to many countries, says Torgersen.

The case was reviewed in 2008

The case has taken a long time, and it is by judgment extenuating circumstances.

the case was first reviewed in 2008, and Norwegian authorities took over the case in 2013.

in addition, the case remained untreated by the public prosecutor in Oslo because of lack of resources. This takes the High Court into consideration and the punishment reduced.

“It revolves around a comprehensive financial crime that has been difficult and time consuming to investigate, and where the tax authorities and the police have had to uncover the criminal offenses,” says the ruling.

the High court nevertheless believes police have used for a long time.

the defender of man, lawyer Arild Dyngeland, agree that the long duration should be mitigating in sentencing.

the businessman was successful for several points in the court of appeal than in court.

– Now we’re going to do a thorough review of the judgment and consider whether there are grounds for appeal says Dyngeland.

The man is last in Gulating Court of Appeal sentenced to two years’ imprisonment, of which eight months suspended.

The businessman does not acknowledge guilt.


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