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Latest: Plaintiff state over the 22 July memorial at Sørbråten –

(Dagbladet): Pursuant to neighboring law has 22 people in Hole Municipality sued the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development.

– By going to matter, we hope that the government will find somewhere else to place memorial on Sørbråten and that we come up with a solution, not a trial, says lawyer Harald Stabell Dagbladet.

He represents the neighbors in the area who want a different location of the disputed July 22 Memorial on Sørbråten. The planned memorial site has met with strong opposition since winning proposal to artistic design was announced.

HERE on the rødskraverte area at the top of this aerial photos to remind place on Utøya tragedy be. Utøya is located at the bottom left. Photo: Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs. View more

– We are confident that the lawsuit will succeed. We had not gone to court against the government without being convinced that we will win. Neighboring The law states that the memorial is illegal to set up, continues chart.

“Memory Wound”

the claim in the writ, which was sent to Ringerike District Court Friday, is the following:

“the state refused to erect the memorial” memory Wound “with parking, footpath and construction on Sørbråten and Bergli in Hole.”

in addition, they want the state ordered to pay the costs.

They have long protested against the planned memorial. Many of them helped to rescue youth who fled from Utøya on July 22, and will have a daily reminder of the fatal day in 2011.

– ghastly

– it must be emphasized that we are not against a memorial in Hole, but we think it’s terrible that the state wants to place this in the local community who actively saved many youngsters 22 July. Many are struggling already with strong memories of that day, and do not need a further reminder to remember the brutality we witnessed, writes plaintiffs in a press release.

in April left mayor of Hole a meeting on July 22 memorial in protest.

– We want the government to show compassion and gratitude for what our communities helped with, and accept that we must have a different position of the national memorial after 22 July 2011, they write on.

Earlier in June were also received allegations of plagiarism against the artist behind the project.

69 people lost their lives when Anders Behring Breivik attacked them during the AUF summer camp on 22 July 2011. Further eight were killed by the car bomb he had deployed in the government building.

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