Thursday, June 23, 2016

- Send us images of the dead in MMS – NRK

It was Monday evening this veka that the dead person could be found in Balestrand, not far from Kviknes Hotel, enter Sogn Avis.

Three women were among dei first one on this page. Då dei the forecast AMK reckoned dei rapid disengagement, but so losing it is not.

The message from police was that this not was something police matter, and that they do not would send police resources.

– Eg believed that the police would at least comet to look more closely at the matter. No police took an assessment out from what we explain dei phone. Otherwise, the I uroa whether the matter has been dealt with as it should, says Marta Kvikne from Balestrand.

Bad about mobile image

Police diaper the forecast at 21.30 on Monday evening. But the operations center considered the case to mean that no one from either the health services or the police would Rykkje out at events.

– There were considered that this not was something police matter. Therefore sending we do not police resources, says police inspector Odd Arve Solvåg NRK.

Dei three women react, however, that no one from naud the agencies came to this page.

– The police asked a rekkje questions and asked us to take picture of the person with your phone and send over, win a by women.

police Inspector Odd Arve Solvåg admits that police bathrooms dei three women to send mobile images of the dead person.

– to ask outsiders to take images of ein dead person is not All right.

several hours to losing before someone from within a funeral agency transported the dead person away from the location.

– Not All right

Heidrun Bjorg Sveinsdottir Grinde jobbar as a nurse and was accidentally ein one of them first thing on this page. It was she who nappy pray to take images of the dead person.

– It was disgusting to take EiT such images on my private phone. We respond that it took so long before someone came. Whatever should probably police Vore on this page, victory Grinde.

Solvåg stresses that it is not the opposition to economic reasons or resources to reason that no one from naud the agencies diaper surnamed out.

– Is there a need to send someone on an assignment shall not be admitted economic considerations, so this act not about resources.

A police officer who lives near where the dead man was ready to Rykkje out, but he never fekk signal from the operations center about out.

– In hindsight we can probably say that the assessment as diaper frying should have been done really liked this. We’ll lament that the bucket as the bucket, victory Solvåg.

He says police com will consider the matter internally and that the police want to see on their routines internally.

– Shocked

Police in Balestrand and Høyanger, Kåre January Hofrenning, says it is not is reason to believe that the opposition something suspicious behind the death.

– if we had suspected that there lay something criminal behind, had we pray for autopsy. The dead person is ein elderly man with ties to Balestrand, victory Hofrenning NRK.

Mayor Harald Offerdal (Ap) in Balestrand react strongly to events.

– I am the shocked way naud the agencies have hand commented on this. It should not be such that ordinary people have to perform police tasks, victory Offerdal.

– In retrospect when ein see how this yet, will be a focus that this perhaps should have been done, victory Solvåg.


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