Monday, June 27, 2016

Two arrested for theft of fire truck –

The time 5:12 got police in Hordaland message from the Fire Department that someone had broken into a shop belonging Arna fire and stabbed with a kommandobil. After tips from the public, the car was found after a short time.

– We come out with a dog patrol and another police patrol and localized car not far from where it was stolen, said operations manager Morten Kronen Western Police District told VG.

A man and a woman has been arrested on suspicion of theft. The man had command car keys in his pocket, while the woman had other effects from the car in a backpack.

– They are known for intoxication before, so we are now taking blood samples from them. They acknowledge not theft, but we have little faith that keys and effects coming down to them from heaven, saying Kronen.


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