Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Earlier Vålnes-accused requires million replacement – iTromsø

Lawyer Randulf Schumann Hansen told NRK that he has been meeting in Oslo where compensation for the time his client in custody was discussed.

Hansen represents the 44-year-old woman with two men on 43 and 45 years were screened for front seat murdering Per Vålnes.

Million Amount

– We have started, but needs some time over the summer to finish and submit claims from us, says Hansen to NRK.

the lawyer would not comment on how large the total requirement will be, but after the NRK experience should revolve around millions.

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the three were in October 2012 arrested and imprisoned. After 13 months in custody they were released, but prosecutors did not drop the charges.

The case was however henlangt of Public Prosecutions last summer.

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the three can now claim compensation for time in custody thereunder itapt earnings, and load a killing charge and prolonged exposure in the media results .

“the highest amount of compensation in custody applies insulation and NOK 1,500 a day,” writes NRK.


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