Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Consumer complaints in Orkla and five others FSA – NRK

The Consumer Council has appealed seven products to the FSA that they believe are illegal notified or are in a gray area that needs clarification. It also applies to the use of words such as “genuine,” “homemade” and “natural.” It appears in a news release.

Director Randi Flesland Consumer Council believes the industry must become even better at presenting their products so that there is consistency between what is written in big letters on the front of the product and what it says lowercase table of contents.

Complaints into Orkla

“Kims Crisps super crazy wave chips Herbs and crème fraîche” and “Nora Homemade mashed strawberries” Orkla is among the goods which are complained about.

the justification of the Consumer Council yesterday that the chips are marked with 60 percent whole grain and 30 percent less fat. But still contains twice as much salt as part of Kim’s second chips.

Orkla on its side does not agree with the criticism and think they have a good and clear labeling of products, fully in line with current legislation and requirements of the FSA.

complaints iNN: These foods have the Consumer Council complained to the FSA. NRK has been in contact with all suppliers, with no response.

Photo: Consumer Council

Do not understand bluff

– For Kims Crisps is difficult to understand what the bluff or deception involves. The product is designed as an alternative to snacks shelved for those who are concerned more whole grains and lower fat content. This product advantage is clearly communicated on the bag and have full coverage of the facts. Kims Crisps should not be everyday and we do not market this as anything other than snacks, says Kari Westersund, communications manager at Orkla NRK.

She explains that for those who are concerned with salt, this is also easy to find the bag.

– When it comes to Nora Homemade, we have yet to meet a consumer who actually believe the products are made at home in a kitchen.

– Misleading

Leader Berggren AS, Tore Berggren also disagrees with the Consumer Council. Flesland believe it is misleading that the trade name of Berggrens Cod Cakes gives the impression that the product contains mostly cod, while in reality contains 80 percent undefined whitefish.

Berggren explains that according to the labeling regulations are no requirements for the ingredients as mentioned in the product name must be the ingredient that is most of.

– Mark regulation states that when the ingredients used in the product name, the percent amount specified, and so do we. Should labeling regulations changed in relation to this, we will of course change declaration, he says and adds:

– What should our food be called if we only use the name of the ingredient that is most of? Then you had maybe gingerbread heat sugar cakes with pepper flavor?

What is meant by “real”?

Words like “natural” and “real” are not necessarily wrong, but the claim has to be a explanation as to why this product is more real or natural than other similar products, according to the Consumer Council. Mills Real mayonnaise is therefore appealed to the FSA.

– First and foremost, we always resources to brand properly and will follow rules. Regarding the criticism we ask us puzzled. Mills has been on the market since 1951 and “Mills Real Mayonnaise” has been used for over 60 years. It is more indicative than misleading. The word “real” has become a categorized designation to distinguish between genuine and light mayonnaise, says Øyvind Vederhus, communication manager at Mills.


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