Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fuel strike at the airport and several other airports – Bergens Tidende

21 Federation members was Saturday morning by the strike after it is broken mediation on oil transportation agreement.

were breaches in mediation between Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union, Federation and Norwegian Industry clock 01.40 on Friday night, but Avinor stated that the strike currently receive limited consequences for airports in Bergen, Stavanger and Tromsø.

– the strike reduced capacity on selected airports, but we expect that airlines will add up their routes so they thought their planes at other airports, communication manager Kristian Løksa Avinor.

the arbitration includes companies that supply gasoline and fuel, both at sea, air and land. Initially, the companies that refueling aircraft and helicopters, will be affected.

– stretched us far

Parat takes out 21 members of Flytanking AS on strike Saturday morning. The members work in Gardermoen Fuelling Services, Flytanking and cistern operation. Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union has taken six members of the Smart Fuels departments Skjelnan Tromso and Lillesund in Haugesund, and members of Flytanking in Stavanger and Bergen.

– We regret that Norwegian Industry and employers would meet us and raise the minimum wage equivalent to what happened in front subject, says chief negotiator Ole Einar Adamsrød in Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union. Negotiation Head of Federation, Thomas Lilloe, say they have gone to great lengths to reach an agreement.

– From June 29 the conflict will be stepped up. Then we will also take out the staff at Værnes and Bodø on strike, he said.

By escalation capacity will be further reduced in Bergen, Stavanger and Tromsø.

Fearing the consequences

Strike outlets will not provide direct consequences on Oslo Gardermoen Airport, and operations will continue as normal through the weekend and next week.

the trade unions also apologizes for the parties failed to reach agreement. Organization Director Carla Botten-Verboven in Norwegian Industry says she fears the strike could have serious negative consequences for the air ambulance and air traffic.

Avinor informants, however, that during the strike there will be readiness for refueling of ambulance and rescue flights so that these not be affected.


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