Thursday, June 30, 2016

Norwegian collects air passenger tax – NRK

Norwegian collect the contribution of 88 million for domestic flights and 80 million for foreign travel, reports Aftenposten.

The airline would initially deduct the amount directly from their customers’ bank or credit card, it same card customers used to pay your journey with. It got Consumer Ombudsman to react, and now comes the fee in the form of a invoice for those who were not charged for the amount when they originally paid trip.

– This is not money Norwegian shall have five cents off. We require this money on behalf of the state and would very gladly have done without task “Collection Agency” for the state, says press officer Daniel Kirchhoff in Norwegian.

Greater dissatisfaction

many passengers who have received such demands have taken the comments of Norwegian’s Facebook page in use and expressed their dissatisfaction with the requirement.

most people react negatively to the Norwegian requesting money on travel booked and paid before 1 . June but completed after this date.

the airline states that the tax is introduced retroactively and therefore to claim the amount.

SAS requires not enter

Knut Morten Johansen of SAS.

Photo: Knut Løvstuhagen / SAS

SAS however has no plans to for invoiced air passenger tax.

The company’s CIO Knut Morten Johansen says the online newspaper that there are transaction costs associated with billing an amount of 88 million and that it is therefore not economically worthwhile for SAS to demand it.


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