Friday, June 24, 2016

Indicted lawyer released but arrested again for new information – NRK

VG reported Friday afternoon that Mirmotahari, who was imprisoned by the Oslo District Court for four weeks last Friday, is released. This is confirmed by a commitment order from the Court of Appeal NRK has had access to.

Mirmotahari is charged under quirky shared aggravating circumstances to have tried to have opposed the judiciary. This after VG last week wrote that he in an audio recording discussing the possibility of abducting rape victim in a criminal case.

Mirmotahari represented the accused in the rape case, which could go free if the victim is not in attendance in court .

“impunity preparations”

kidnapping attempt, which involved a torpedo who have been convicted a number of times, was not implemented. Mirmotharis client was thus sentenced for rape.

DEFENDER : Attorney Anders Brosveet defends the accused lawyer.

Photo: Henrik Nielsen Myhr / NRK

Mirmotahari testified that he only Jatt conversation with torpedo, because he felt threatened. The lawyer acknowledges that he has done is a clear ethical violations, but denies criminal offense.

– He realizes that there is a serious legal ethical violations. But from there to say that he has ordered some estimates, or made any effort for this to become reality, it is a far leap. It revolved around solving calls and no concrete agreements were made. It was never meant seriously his part, said Mirmoktharis defender Anders Brosveet NRK last Friday NRK.

In Friday’s ruling, it is stated that the appellate court thinks it is “not sufficiently substantiated that the accused has exceeded the limit of punishable preparations for a punishable attempt. “

NRK has been in contact with Mirmotaharis defender Anders Brosveet Friday. He had no time to respond to NRK questions.

– Multiple offenses

Police Attorney Sturla Henriksbø told VG that Mirmotahari has been arrested again in my cell in the prison after the Court of Appeal ruling was clear.

NEW iNFORMATION: Police Attorney Sturla Henriksbø says it has reached new information during the week Mirmotahari police custody.

Photo: Henrik Nielsen Myhr / NRK

police after his arrest last week received information about several other serious criminal offenses that the accused shall have been committed, and who have not been part of the proof image that the court had provided. When the accused appear before the court again on Monday the court will have a better basis for assessing the detention question, writes Henriksbø in an SMS to NRK.

He points to VG that this information was not part of the basis for the court believed Mirmotahari could be imprisoned – and that the court of Appeal disagreed.

VG came Friday with new revelations about Mirmothari (behind betlingsmur, journ.’s note.), and writes that he already February was reported to have approached the aggrieved party in a criminal case. This is because he allegedly made contact with two aggrieved in a human trafficking case.

The call is being investigated by the police, to VG says that the lawyer is not charged relationship. The newspaper also notes that they are not familiar with why Mirmoktahari Friday was detained in the cell.


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