Thursday, June 23, 2016

Boy (2) came from drowning accident without injuries – NRK

Time 17.10 informs Bergen Health in a statement that the boy came from the accident without injuries.

The boy was found in the sea near Røvaneset and first taken to the local clinic, the newspaper Hordaland. It was ten o’clock Thursday morning the boy was found.

– I can confirm that there has been a drowning accident, and that a boy is taken to hospital where he receives treatment, said Health and sosialsjef Harald Johnsen Ulvik.

The police were never notified about drowning accident.

Male threw himself into the sea

It was Magne Øydvind Ulvik who saved two year old in the country. It reports Bergens Tidende.

– The little boy was wearing diaper, and I think that saved his life. I thought that if he had drowned, he would have sunk, said Øydvin said.

It was the mother of the little boy who alerted Øydvin.

– I saw the boy float with hair up and arms outstretched, he tells BT.

According Øydvin the mother was unable to swim.

resident Ulvik

It is unclear why two year old fell to water and how long he was lying.

Ulvik council has convened its emergency team to assist the families.

the boy is domiciled in Ulvik.


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