Friday, June 24, 2016

Oslo police: Young threatened to participate in organized fights – VG

Police warns against planned fights in Oslo West. Children as young as age 13 fight, while others stand around and cheer.

For schools on the west side of Oslo has conveyed a letter they have received from youth section at Majorstuen police station, where police warn against what they call “beefing “writes Akersposten.

The term “beefing” means that two people fighting in scheduled fights classmates big around and heaths, movies and encourages violence.

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section Head Anne Merete petition by Majorstuens police youth section, told VG that they have chosen to send out this expression of concern in the hope that parents will take a serious talk with their children before serious violent incidents may occur.

– This type of fighting is not a new phenomenon for us, but we are concerned. Rather it has been away, we see that it is spreading, says petition to VG.

Several instances in the past week

She says the police have seen several examples of such fights over the past week and that they fear even more violence incidents, now that it’s time for school break and alcohol may come into play.

petition also refers to a specific event last year, where a 13 year old ended up bleated nose and had to operate for such a fight.

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– There are several similarities between this type of fights and the kind we like to see among older people. The difference is that this happens with very young people, in broad daylight and without substance abuse is involved, says petition to VG.

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in the expression of concern from the police states that this applies to young boys at the secondary level and that it often happens with young people who basically do not want to fight, but who are threatened that if they do not meet, they will be picked up by up to 50 others youngsters. It will also often be talking about other guys who plans and directs others to fight, or that within a buddy gang decides to “beef”.

Can have serious consequences

although a person of 13 years can not be prosecuted, this could have consequences. Among other things, child welfare and school become engaged to follow up the youth in retrospect of the brawl.

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– If there are people over 15 years the consequences will be severe fines or other penalties adapted to young, says petition adding that this type of fighting in broad daylight often scares passers, and that public nuisance is itself punishable.


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