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Mona (58) was found murdered in his own home – BergensAvisen

There was an artist Mona Nordaas (58) Thursday afternoon was found murdered in her home by neighbors on Evanger.

The police turned out with great resources. The alleged offender shall have left the scene, but was arrested in Evanger area shortly afterwards.

Late Thursday night put the man in questioning by police. Just after the clock 0100 lit his defender Rolf Knudsen that the accused 43-year-old acknowledges the murder.

A colorful personality

– She meant a lot to very many, and raised always up. It is a pity that so few got to meet her, saying Nordaas’ second cousin, to BA.

She says that she and Mona grew up together, and they’ve had good contact through.

– she had a colorful personality, and you can not find anyone who would say anything bad about her, she says.

Treme Ningen says that Mona had strong political opinions and a strong commitment.

– She stood up for the weak, and was strong like a pole.

Artists environment in shock

58-year-old ran Evangeline Rista art and Culture center of Evanger center, a project she started in 2010.

she even stayed in the house and had a cafè on the 1st floor. The house was used for art projects, courses and concerts. In addition, she offered accommodation, art therapy and creativity courses.

Nordaas ran arts and has had numerous exhibitions and workshops throughout Norway and the world.

Kjell-Erik Ruud was good friend of Mona Nordaas, and they have worked together on various projects over many years.

– She was a wonderful person, always took the side of the weak. I can not understand that she is gone, says Kjell-Erik Ruud.

last year was Kjell-Erik Mona and the giant city of Jakarta, where she, along with three female artists would exhibit their art in the gallery Salihara, which is a major cultural center. When she was in Jakarta, she had also workshop with local youth.

– she won the hearts down there. They were simply knocked out of her artwork, says the friend.

the contact their rang Friday after receiving the news, and Kjell-Erik says that they are in shock also in Indonesia.

– they wondered what happened here. No one can understand that this really happened.

More in artist recounts to BA that it is a great loss to the environment.

Social media filled with greetings

Friends and acquaintances have shared text and images where they express their grief on Facebook.

– I am a huge fan of hers and her indescribable art so she was my biggest idol in respect. When Mona Nordaas now was swept away in the worst possible way I can not help but think about her all the time, and slept little in the night, wrote a day after the murder.

– Monas heat commitment to people, nature conservation and colorful and beautiful artistic expression will be deeply missed by many, writes another.

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on Friday, the murder accused 43 -year-old in custody for four weeks.

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Police Voss sheriff department, Ivar Hellene, says that they have had a Several witnesses in for questioning.

He says police have seized in what they believe is the murder weapon. After that BA are told there will be an ax.

– We have controlled the murder weapon, more I will not say, says Hellene.

Other issues on hold

After the BA gets lit should the accused 43-year-old living in the village in just a few weeks before the tragedy. According to witnesses, he should have helped the deceased unless renovation work.

One motive for wrongdoing police have not found.

– We have installed all available crew on the matter, and has worked on the case throughout the weekend, said Hellene to BA.

This means that people who come in for reviewing cases in the sheriff’s office in Voss, may be asked to come back the next day, or submit a review online.

Hellene describes the work currently being undertaken as painstaking.

– We check out everything that could be interesting, and working to get an overview of the case.


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