Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Three former murder accused with million claim in Vålnes case – NRK

– Recently we had an extensive meeting in Oslo where we discussed compensation for the time my client was remanded in custody, says lawyer Randulf Schumann Hansen to NRK.

He represents the 44-year-old woman who was Per Vålnes former partner.

In addition, the two men 45 and 43 years in prison for the same offense, manslaughter. They are represented by lawyers Christian Wiik and Morten Furuholmen.

The claim comes after Public Prosecutor dismissed the case last summer.

Over one million to each

Schumann Hansen will not disclose how much the total requirement will be, but after the NRK experiencing each of the three come to demand one million compensation for the time they put in custody.

Lawyer Randulf Schumann Hansen did not want to disclose the size of the indemnities, but it concerns millions.

Photo: Jon Bolstad / NRK

– We have started, but needs some time over the summer to finish and send demands from us, says the lawyer for the woman who first notified its former partner missed, but that was never found.

the three claimant was arrested and imprisoned on 31 October 2012. They were placed at various locations in the country, where several of weeks in custody occurred in full isolation.

the reason for their detention was that police believed the three had killed Per Vålnes on his 50th birthday, eleven months in advance and hidden corpse.

13 months in custody

When they were released they had been sitting one year and 40 days in custody.

After the police had been unable to find conclusive evidence that the three had killed Per Vålnes, dismissed the Prosecutions case in August last year.

After the NRK experiencing the three now claim compensation for time in custody, for loss of earnings and for pain and suffering for the strains being murder accused and media exposure over a long time.

the highest amount of compensation in custody applies isolation and 1,500 kroner a day. For each of the three, the overall economic raising revolve around one million, plus or minus, a sum lawyer Schumann Hansen will not comment.


– There are several aspects of the case. One is fairly standardized. It applies to sit in prison and then later that the case falls away, are dropped. Then there are other requirements that are differentiated, but I will not say anything specific about the amount size, says Schumann Hansen.

The claim is submitted separately against Troms Police, but it’s Norwegian Civil Affairs that pays amounts. Randulf Schumann Hansen says it’s natural that he cooperates with the lawyers Christian Wiik and Morten Furuholmen for compensation claims.

– Several things are congruent to the three at issue and we lawyers are talking.


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