Monday, June 20, 2016

Note forecast for Østfold afternoon: – It will bucket down – Fredrikstad Blad

Meteorologists warn rainfall of up to 30 millimeters during the afternoon and evening.

Precipitation Area has already hit southern Norway and is on the rise against Østfold. According to state meteorologist Espen Biseth Granan come afternoon to become the very humid battle.

– It becomes part rain, one must count on amounts up to 30 millimeters, warns meteorologist.

the heavy precipitation is expected in the afternoon makes wildfire danger that has threatened in Oslo in recent days is now being called off.

– the precipitation Sunday and what comes tonight really helps, he says.

Eastern Norway gets the brunt of rainfall late in the day. Already early in the afternoon comes rainfall Østfold, but it is only towards evening that it really will bucket down.

– It will probably rain heavily all night, but the night’s going to settle down . The positives for you down there is the rest of the week looks considerably better, he said.

Already Tuesday morning will namely sun appeared again while the temperatures are going to rise.

– it looks really pretty decent out the next few days. It becomes a part sun and temperatures up to 20 degrees. But there is still a risk of some local afternoon showers, he said.


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