Friday, June 24, 2016

Investigates deaths in Kongsvinger – NRK

The police have cordoned off an area around an apartment complex on Roverud outside Kongsvinger in Hedmark, and police technicians doing research on the spot.

Detective : Iren Johnsen Dahl’s police prosecutor in Inland police.

Photo: Ann-Kristin Mo / NRK

– A well-grown, local man is dead. It is an unexpected death and we are now investigating what the cause of death is, says police lawyer Iren Johnsen Dahl Inland police.

She said the man was found dead two days ago. He was found there, near his own residence.

– We have been aware of the death, but not been aware of the circumstances that allow us now to investigate this, says Johnsen Dahl. Police have received new information during the Friday, which made the police have seen reason to investigate any further.

– Now the police will do further investigation to ensure it is of any track. In addition, it made some preliminary examination of witnesses in order to clarify the circumstances surrounding the death, says Johnsen Dahl told NRK.

The autopsy of the man is not ready until after the weekend. Meanwhile police will conduct investigation on the spot, and are scarce in their comments.

– I will not go into detail about why we want to investigate this matter, says Johnsen Dahl.

NRK reporter on the spot said that policemen tonight concentrates on a small area outside your home.

POLICE INVESTIGATIONS : the police are investigating a dumpster at the residence.

Photo: Ann Kristin Mo / NRK

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