Thursday, June 23, 2016

Threatens Oslo West youth to fight – OBI Online

Police takes very seriously violence and youth section at Majorstuen police are now warning parents against so-called “beefing” writes Akersposten.

– “beefing” means that two people appointments and fight, one on one. It is not allowed to stop before one continues. Several youths standing around cheering, movies and encourage fights, writes police in the letter that has been conveyed by the secondary schools in western Oslo on Thursday.

It is not only contracted fights. Sometimes they are arranged by other boys who imposes some to fight.

– They are threatened that if they do not meet, they were picked up by up to 50 other youths, police said.

police said the parents to talk with children about setting limits its because this creates insecurity both for those who fought and those who are watching., and set clear limits for this not to occur.

– the risk of injury is great, and at worst they or others be damaged for life. In some cases, we know that the boys carry knives, but most of the injuries we see, nose fractures, broken teeth and cuts, coming of punches and kicks. (© NTB)


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