Saturday, May 30, 2015

Record amount of new snow in the west – still avalanches – Aftenposten

The last avalanche forecasts from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate was sent out Saturday and valid until Monday, June 1.

– Western Norway and mountainous areas in eastern still have large amounts of snow in the mountains. In recent days, there have been new refills. In the mountains around Hemsedal there are reports of 15 cm of snow last night, but further west, there have been even more, says avalanche alerts Birgit Rustad.

Spring in north

In the mountains of Northern Norway Spring has come somewhat longer, and the last week have had nice spring weather with good temperatures, sunshine and no rain.

– High air temperatures, sun and rain causes the snow melts, but it also loosens wet avalanches by themselves or you as a skier can easily get snow to fall out, explains Rustad.

also reported weak layers down the snowy mountain in Northern Norway, and in Jotunheimen and Hallingdal. This team can collapse and give flakes avalanche.

Avoid wet snow

The Council is to avoid the snow that is too wet, and not to stand under the cracks in the snowpack.

– When the snow up to your ankle when you ski on, it is too wet, explaining avalanche detector.

People should also keep away from steep terrain with direct sun, and look for what she calls nature’s danger signs .

– Looking fresh avalanche talking nature with exclamation mark, says Birgit Rustad.


According to Bergens Tidende has never been more snow in the mountains in western Norway at this time of year than it is now. NVE measurements for this goes back to the winter 1957-1958.

For example, it is between 2 and 4 meters of snow on Vikafjellet. Several places in the region is snow depth double of what what is normal for the season.

Published: May 30th. 2015 11:02 p.m.


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