Sunday, May 15, 2016

Agriculture Negotiations: Here is the agreement between farmers and the state – Dagsavisen

By Stian Fyen


Norway’s farmers’ association and the government have reached agreement, and has signed on agriculture for 2017. The frame is 350 million.


– year agreement brings us not quite there, but we have received government help to smooth out revenue opportunities from such as small and large dairy farms, says leader Lars Petter Bartnes in Norwegian Farmers’ Union said in a statement.


– It means that we have managed to slow up the uniformity government so far has stood for, he continued.


Norwegian Farmers’ Union has negotiated a total of NOK 350 million. For farmers, this means an opportunity to increase revenue with 10,700 kroner. FTEs in 2017. It is 5,900 million more than what the state offered. Budget transfers increased by 100 million, which is 170 million more than in the state offers. Farmers ‘Association has received approval for enhancing grain production, beef and mitigation, writes Farmers’ Association further in its press release.


– Norwegian Farmers’ Union takes responsibility at a difficult time for the Norwegian economy when they enter this agricultural agreement with the state, writes Agriculture and Food Jon Georg Dale said in a statement.


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– The agreement gives agriculture a basis for a revenue increase of 3.1 percent in 2017. It will pave the way for increased Norwegian food production, agriculture in the country with both smaller and larger farms – so Parliament has adopted, and so consumers demand, writes Dale on.


The agreement also agreed to postpone the decision that all cows should be able to walk freely in the barn from 2024 to 2034. It also agreed to increase investments and focus on recruitment to agriculture.


Norwegian Farmers and Smallholders broke negotiations Saturday night, while the state at the Ministry of Agriculture and Norwegian Farmers’ Union continued talks.


The agriculture required a budget of 860 million in this year’s settlement, while the government offered 90 million.


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