Sunday, May 15, 2016

Smallholders broke – Farmers’ Association continues – Bergens Tidende

Norwegian Farmers and Smallholders Union has broken agricultural negotiations with the state. Farmers’ Association retailer on.

– breakthrough came after intense negotiations a week, without the parties came so close together that it was possible for us to be able to conclude an agreement, wrote the team on his website Saturday night.

Then it was gone almost one day as the deadline for the negotiation went out.

– We could not accept the economic as we were finally offered, printer manager Merete Furuberg in Smallholders.

Could not accept the economic

Farm organizations demanded 860 million. Of these, 577 million so-called budget funds. The state offered 90 million, of which 70 were budget funds. In the final evil rings figures were raised to respectively 340 and 100 million, writes the team.

– We do not see an increase in spending of 100 million will be sufficient to achieve agriculture’s main priorities and especially not prioritized SMEs use, enter Furuberg, formerly Saturday said they negotiated the “dear life to get the best possible result.”

Farmers ‘Association continues

Norwegian Farmers’ Union retailer ahead with the state, but communication director Lise Boeck Jakobsen says there will be no no clarification on the negotiations Saturday night.

– that an organization goes out, does not prevent the government can negotiate further with the Farmers’ Association and the agreement then proceed to Parliament to be adopted there. This agreement would then apply to all farmers, including those who broke out of the negotiations, explains senior adviser Brett Norang in Agriculture and Food said.

On overtime

Also last year, the state’s offer of 90 million. Then ended settlement with an agreement with a limit of 400 million. Smallholders, however, chose to break off the negotiations also the time.

– 22 hours of overtime have Norwegian Farmers and Smallholders Union violated negotiations. More information to come, wrote the organization on their Facebook pages, and the same time the Farmers’ Union of luck in further negotiations.

From the negotiations it has been known that farmers in particular have tried to get a boost for the smaller and medium-sized farms which is lagging behind in income.

The requirement of the Farmers’ Union and Smallholders would give farmers an income growth of just over NOK 20,000 per man, while the state’s offer would mean revenues of 4,300 million.


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