Sunday, May 15, 2016

Detective rape in Winter Park – NRK

The rape happened in the woods at the Russian event at Winter Park in Oslo around the clock 1:30 Saturday night.

Security Director at Oslo correctional guard, Arne Kaspersen says the rape victim and perpetrator were Russians in 18-19 age.

– There has been a completed rape at Tryvannshøyden by a Russian event, not inside the Russian event, but in the nearby forest, says Kaspersen.

the woman who was raped has been to the doctor for investigation.

– this morning arrested we perpetrator, and it’s taken the necessary samples of him. It is taken interrogate him before too long, says Kaspersen.

There are no witnesses to the actual incident, but police have witnesses who they should talk to who has been with the two before and after the rape happened.

Security manager at correctional guard in Oslo would not comment on the incident further until they have questioned both parties.


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