Sunday, May 15, 2016

Two arrested after the discovery of dead woman in stairwell in Oslo –

(Dagbladet): A dead woman was found in a stairwell in Oslo of the afternoon. Police are investigating the case as murder and have arrested two men.

– We are working on notification of relatives now. I do not want to say anything more about the deceased and the relationships between her and those arrested before the notification is complete, says Grete Lien Metlid, Head of violence section of the Oslo police, told Dagbladet in 18.20 o’clock.

– We work technically and tactically on the spot, said police efforts leader Magnus Strande Dagbladet.

the site is a block of flats in Toyen. Armed officers took earlier today into the building, where criminal technicians working throughout the night. The man was, according to neighbors arrested on the first floor, and continued with handcuffs into a police.

Found undressed

According to Dagbladet information shall the murdered woman and one of those arrested who lives in the block, known each other well. Moreover, the woman should have been found stripped and terrible injuries in the fire escape. It should also be visible trail of blood inside the ganga in one of the upper floors of the block.

Asked by Dagbladet did not want the police to answer whether people had a relationship or whether those arrested are acquaintances of the police. They wanted rather not comment on how the scene looks or if it is found weapons.

Operations Find Belle says to Dagbladet that police are interviewing witnesses around the block. Police worked at 19 still at the scene. The time 18.15, the body was carried out of the housing block and into a hearse.

– Sad but expected

A person who lives in the block says that it’s a real sad that someone is killed but that one was waiting for something like that to happen.

– There is a real parallel society here. It is charged. Police comes the only when that happens serious things, we do not see anything to them otherwise.

Many of those who lived on the upper floors had to wait outside for a long time while the police were doing an investigation.

– it’s only municipal housing here, but it’s not as much noise to normal, says a neighbor.

Dagbladet following the case.


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