Sunday, May 15, 2016

Agreed in the agricultural settlement – Bergens Tidende

Norwegian Farmers’ Union and the state has reached an agreement in the agricultural negotiations.

– year agreement brings us not quite there, but we have got government help to smooth out revenue opportunities from such as small and large dairy farms, says leader Lars Petter Bartnes in Norwegian Farmers’ Union said in a statement.

Frame 350 million

Farm organizations campaigned originally 860 million, where 577 million were so-called budget funds. The state offered 90 million, of which 70 were budget funds.

The agreement Norwegian Farmers’ Union has negotiated, ended with a limit of 350 million. Target prices are increased by 190 million, while budget support will be increased by 100 million.

Agriculture and Food Jon Georg Dale (FRP) is pleased with the agreement.

– Norwegian Farmers’ Union takes responsibility in a challenging time for the Norwegian economy when they enter this agricultural agreement with the state, he said.

Q: – Weak agreement

Geir Pollestad, Centre Party politician and leader of the industry committee, believes it is astonishing that the government has so little ambition for Norwegian food production.

– there is a weak agreement, but negotiations right also implies a right to enter into bad deals, he said.

In a press releases writing Pollestad that Q will challenge KrF and V in the parliamentary process, to see if they share the government’s low level of ambition for Norwegian agriculture

There must be adopted an escalation plan for agriculture so that the income gap between farmers and other groups sealed believes Pollestad.

Smallholders broke

Norwegian Farmers and Smallholders broke negotiations Saturday night. Then it was gone almost one day as the deadline for the negotiation went out.

– We could not accept the economic as we were finally offered, wrote manager Merete Furuberg on Smallholders website.

state at the Ministry of Agriculture and Norwegian farmers ‘Union continued talks.

– Applies to all farmers

– that an organization goes out, does not prevent the government can negotiate further with the farmers’ Association, and that the agreement then proceed to Parliament to be adopted there, senior advisor Brett Norang in Agriculture and Food earlier made it clear to NTB.

– This agreement would then apply to all farmers, including those who broke out of negotiations .

Also last year, the state’s offer of NOK 90 million. Then ended settlement with an agreement with a limit of 400 million.

Smallholders chose to break off the negotiations also the time.


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