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Government and UDI planned for record asylum arrival this year. Exactly the opposite … – Dagbladet.no

During the entire first half has been an equal number of asylum seekers coming to Norway as of a week last October . This is a decrease of 64 percent compared to the same period last year.

The number of asylum seekers in 1678 year to date, has not been lower in 19 years.

It’s the exact opposite of what both UDI and government have planned for, and which Parliament this spring has been taken into account with drastic austerity measures in laws and regulations. UDI estimated that Norway could get as many as 100,000 asylum seekers this year, while the government has budgeted 60000. In “worst” case believe UDI now that it could end with half of the budgeted, ie 30,000, but probably far less.

Now guaranteed both government and the opposition, who let themselves be carried away in winter, claiming that Norwegian tightening is one major reason why the number is reduced so sharply. It is not even half the truth. Admittedly, measures at the border in the north put an end to many arrivals over Storskog.

However, mainly due to the abrupt shutdown asylum that continent has closed the borders and asylum system throughout Europe. It is a short-term relief for the Norwegian Immigration unit, but means increased pressure on the Mediterranean countries and refugee camps already overcrowded. The untenable agreement with Turkey does not yet appear to play the central role Angela Merkel hoped.

Politicians who will help them where they are – that all politicians throughout Europe – now have an incredibly tough job to do. The acute refugee situation is not over. Neither the political challenges it has created. Or legal. EU has famously been an even bigger nut to solve with Brexit but perhaps one can hope that it begs a reality understanding among members. Admittedly acted British opposition to the EU just as much about the free movement of EU citizens, of Poles and Romanians, but ultimately about boundaries, control and supranationality versus sovereignty.

Those who still believe supranational solutions something for themselves, should not take the long summer vacation.

Both politicians and immigration management at home was almost panic last fall, when the number of asylum-seekers swelled in no time. UDI had the same summer downgraded forecasts, despite the precarious situation in Syria and the Mediterranean should have given a warning about what happened shortly after. Partly because the EU and the international community cut in funding for refugee camps. It was simply a lack of food.

UDI would not go into the same trap again, but allowed himself to be tempted to take too hard in. Immigration Director Frode Forfang course right in saying that the situation is complex and difficult to assess, but precisely why maybe we should have been more vigilant than to draw one “worst case” scenario in a so excited mood that Europe found itself in in last fall.

the high estimates was awaited used politically to justify urgency to put in place austerity measures, and as an excuse for that, among other things had operate with short consultation deadlines. Frode Forfang cites that Sweden has far more arrivals than Norway, as proof that it is still possible to take up north in Europe. But after Swedes tightening this spring must use crowbar to separate Swedish from Norwegian asylum policy.

Since UDI is planned and budgeted a dramatically higher number of arrivals, it should be possible to use some of the resources to deal with the asylum seekers who came last year. Too many people have been sitting for a year and then some on reception and waiting for treatment. UDI on instructions from the government priority to evict people, particularly Afghans and Iraqis.

Meanwhile sits asylum seekers, who will most likely get a residence, especially many Syrians, and waiting to get started with their lives. With studies and hopefully a job. Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug talking unstoppable that we must make demands and refugees must do their duty before they can claim their rights. This message was recently reiterated by the Minister of Labour Anniken Hauglie as justification for tightening rights.

This sounds brilliant out for asylum seekers I’ve met. There’s nothing they’d rather. Many of them even before they came to Norway had life on hold for several years, first because of conflict and war in Syria, so due to flight and stay in camps in neighboring areas. For young people four or five years an eternity.

Yes, yes, they say expectant when I tell about List Haugs requirements, when can I start studying, when I can get approved my education, when I a work permit?

But rather than be given an opportunity to meet the government’s wishes, which absolutely no disagrees as a goal, they sit around in abandoned lodges and abandoned houses and waiting, waiting. It’s not good for them and it is not good for Norway. The only thing it is good for are those who constantly serve roughly the UDI generous contracts as a result of a welcome aberration.

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