Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Togtrøbbel created chaos at Oslo S – NRK

The train that went from Oslo at 3:01 p.m. got just taking a minute, before technical problems meant that it stopped in a tunnel between Oslo and Ljan Station.

Hundreds passengers were told that they had to find alternative transport home.

Photo: Thomas Torjusen / Private

– It was just completely dark, and then we sat there then, says Thomas Torjusen commuting between Oslo and Fredrikstad.


Torjusen says that the mood aboard the train was relatively good and that they received messages, but it soon became more irritably when they were towed back to Oslo S, and was told that they had to take alternate transportation home.

What it means for you? Another train?

– I sincerely hope that there is a train to, said Torjusen easier stated.

was reasonable testy mood at Oslo eventually, says Thomas Torjusen to NRK.

Photo: Thomas Torjusen / Private

He goes off the train at Oslo while NRK talking with him. Around him, one can hear the voices of hundreds of train passengers who are wondering what to do. Torjusen even wonder most what Jernbaneverket and NSB to do.

– Now there has been so much wrong. This is not acceptable, said Torjusen strictly.

Bus for train – or not?

The time 1630 rings Torjusen up to NRK. The passengers were then told to take a bus or taxi, but no buses or taxis are lined up going to Fredrikstad.

They are told that the train that really should have been 3:01 p.m. to go anyway, but then only with half trainsets. It results in that many of the passengers, including Torjusen not fit on the train.

original train went from Oslo in 1540, but with half trainsets.

Photo: Thomas Torjusen / Private

– I ran back to the train, but then it was already packed and I did not come with. Now my next hope train clock 17, said Torjusen.

What do you think about this?

– I think the handling of this here is ridiculous. We initially sat an hour in the darkness of the tunnel and they knew we came back, then they should have planned this better, says Thomas Torjusen to NRK.

Pressevakt, Liv Eggebø NSB, sorry technical problems on the train.

– We like this any more than our customers and fully understand that many are angry on such a day. Here at NSB pressed it on all ports to help our customers.

She admits that trains are set up, probably not fit all. Therefore, they have now coaches in place.

– We encourages them all to take advantage of other transportation if possible, and get the costs reimbursed by the NSB in retrospect.

She advises especially passengers on Østfoldbanen about take a local train to Moss and Ski, there to get alternative transport on.

– We can see that this has given a huge disadvantage for our customers, and we can not but regret, she says.

the train that would go against Østfold at 1700 went ten minutes late.

According to the press guard NSB has the clock in 1730 dealt with the vast majority of passengers, but there are still some passengers again at Oslo, but Liv Eggebø NSB said it is possible the passengers have chosen to wait for another train, to get seating. NSB has not been asked for help from the passengers.

18:00 says NSB that are no longer passengers waiting train. The traffic flows normally and departure clock 6:02 p.m. yesterday with double trainsets, and get with the rest of the people.

Thomas Torjusen broke off eventually, by taxi from Oslo to Fredrikstad .


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