Thursday, July 7, 2016

Two kayakers still reported missing in Reisadalen in Troms –

A huge rescue operation was Thursday afternoon initiated after four canoeists were reported missing in Reisadalen in Troms.

The time 14.38 was announced that all canoeists were accounted for.

This is wrong: two kayakers are still missing, said operations manager Oliver Hole Troms police told Dagbladet.

the police have no information as of now how these two can be.

Kano canoeists who are reported missing, is part of an entourage of a total of ten people. The police have to account for eight of the ten canoeists.

canoeists arrived police said apart in the river, and the police received reports that one or more of canoeists will have capsized.

the time 11:55 police got the first message. It was, according to operations manager Oliver Hole in Troms police an eyewitness who alerted the police.

– We got reports that the canoes had capsized, says Hole Dagbladet.

canoeists were spread over a larger stretch of the river.

Surgical manager says that eleven boats and a helicopter assisting in the search.

the high water level and that there is no mobile coverage in the area, did the police search more difficult. In addition, the area where canoeists reported missing, a few kilometers from the beaten track.

– We will not speculate on how the missing canoeists have it, before we found them, says Hole, but adds that police searches by them on the basis that they are alive.

According to NVE water flow increased from 55,000 cubic meters per second to 351,000 cubic meters per second in two days.

This is a very high flow , meaning that the river is currently exceptionally powerful, writes newspaper Nordlys.

Crews from police, AMK, local boatmen, volunteer residents in the area and several helicopters from the military and UNN are heading to Reisadalen. The action takes place on the section of Mollis and down against Saraelv writes Nordlys on.

Dagbladet following the case.

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