Thursday, July 7, 2016

Several missed tour mates after canoe tipping in Reisa River – Future of the North

Police from Nordreisa sheriff’s office and ambulance caught up by 12.00 Thursday on news of the tour mates in difficulty in Reisadalen.

Operations Oliver Hole by Troms Police in Tromso, states that the emergency services are on their way to event instead.

the rescue operation takes place on the section of Nausti and down against Saraelv. It will be an entourage of 10 people who have paddled, which belongs to an entourage of 11 people. One of the people will have gone down from Mollis along the river. Several canoes should be overturned.

The future of the North has been informed that there will be talk of a Norwegian tour mates.

– Status is that we know that two of the party’s come to Saraelv. We are working to get an overview of the rest of the party. We have been notified that someone is capsized and spread across several sites, said operations manager Oliver Hole in Troms police.

– Two people have come to safety. It is sent riverboat up the place, said police superintendent Martin M. Vasquez.

– 2 people are picked up by local boatmen. Tour mates should have started paddling trip from Nausti. Canoeists have been observed in various locations. There are adults, police officer Nina Aleksandersen Farag who are in the area.

A lot of water

There is too much water in the river. Future in the North has been in contact with local onsite. They say the river has risen by almost 2.40 meters in the last day of Black waterfall. Side rivers are very large. It should also be very much water in Mollisfossen. It has been very much rain on the plateau, said local living in the area.

The road is temporarily opened and paramedics have released past to Saraelv.

– The road between Bilto and Saraelv was taken of tributary earlier today, but Jova happened up the valley when the alarm went off and they got repaired the road in full hurry, says editor of Future in North, Kjetil Nielsen Forest. Future of the North are on site.

In the future in Northern able to discern tourist entourage have come consistently from Kautokeino, and they should have been in Reisa valley a few days.

It should be six ambulances predict instead, two ambulance and a rescue helicopter.

They have set an ambulance on Long Easy to safeguard general preparedness.

Helicopter in place

the helicopter will be in the area. The road is newly opened to Saraelv, after being closed between Bilto and Saraelv.

LATEST: After the Future in North knowledge are also divers from Tromso fire and rescue on the way.

– Helicopter is traveling to the region. We’ll try to go up by riverboat. It is high flow and it is difficult to go up by riverboat says Hole.

misstates of high flow

After the Future in Northern experience, distorted rescue operation because of high water levels in a side stream of the Reisa river. This has led the way towards Saraelv is blocked off because of the large quantities of water.

The waterfall has accompanied NVE observation by Black Fosseberget, increased from 55,000 cubic meters per second for the entire 351,000 cubic meters per second in recent days.

– 150 meters after crossing the Bilto the road is closed because of a side stream which has overflowed, said local source for Future in the North.

Fire ambulances and two police cars should be prevented by the water. The source states that there is an excavator at the site trying to clear the way. It should also be observed a car loaded with culverts heading towards the place.

An ambulance is now moving towards the handle instead. UNN states to the Future in North that both helicopters and crews from UNN come out. In 13.20 o’clock had one helicopter arrived, while another is on the way. In addition, it has run a number of ambulances and police cars in the direction Reisadalen.

– What I cards can say is that we have received notification of a traveling companion up in Reisadalen like paddling a canoe. They reportedly encountered problems in relation to that it is quite high flow in Reisa River. We will now start an action in relation to secure an overview and rescue those who had penetrated to saved. We have an ambulance on the way up now and police are on the way up, and we’re trying to get more resources, says Hole.

– Following situation

Mayor of Nordreisa municipality, Øyvind Evanger states that the municipality is informed about the event.

– Currently, there is not initiated anything special, so we is watching what is happening, he says.

Future Northern updating matter consecutively!


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