Thursday, July 7, 2016

Shooting at Egon on Triad – several arrested – Rome Blad

Police received just before the clock 22 Thursday night announcement that it was shot at the outdoor restaurant to Muskegon at the mall Triaden in Lørenskog.

– We come out with several devices, including armed police. We have brought in more people we should clarify the status of, and it has been questioned a number of witnesses on the spot, said operations Asle Sønsterud in Eastern Police District, Romerike, to Rome Blad when we get answers to the operations center just after midnight on Friday.

– Do not know that anyone was injured

– Is anyone hurt?

– There is still no information that any damaged, said Sønsterud.

police would not comment on whether they know what kind of weapon was used, or if it’s seized any weapons.

– I can neither deny or confirm whether it was shot near people, says operational manager.

– was it loosened several shots?

– We have indications that there was released several shots. We will investigate further during the night.

Police have not confirmed the course of shooting. This should be investigated further into the night through the examination of witnesses and questioning of those brought in.

Sønsterud has no figures on how many are pending, but we are talking about several people. What role have acted in what has happened, to be resolved. No one was charged or detained when Rome Blad spoke with the operations center late Thursday night.

If the people involved were guests at Egon Nor do.

– We constantly remains in the area and working out from information provided by witnesses and they brought in. The audience we could find that there are police in the area, and the scene is blocked off.

– We are serious about this. Shooting in public space is absolutely serious, said operations Asle Sønsterud.

– If anyone has information that can help us further, we would like to have it, he stressed.


Many called phoning to Rome Blad and wondered what happened at Triad.

People experienced the situation as dramatic.

– All roads into the area is blocked of. I have never before seen so many emergency vehicles, plus police helicopter, told a tipping to RB, who lives in the area.

He says he saw people running from the place when he was on his way home in the car Thursday evening .

it was long difficult to confirm what had happened.

police announced on Twitter clock 23.12 that there had been a shooting at the Triad and that several people were brought in while it was searching for other possible involved in the area.

the matter is updated Friday morning after police received examination of witnesses and brought in partly to investigate what is the course of shooting .


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