Sunday, July 3, 2016

Parat confirms conflict between pilots and Norwegian – VG

Yesterday outlet one overtime agreement between pilots and Norwegian. Same day started cancellations.

Holiday Readiness Norwegians rage against Norwegian after the company this weekend canceled a number of flights in both home – and abroad.

Departures to popular holiday destinations such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Spain have been set, both from Oslo, Værnes and Stavanger.

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Norwegian has said that some of the cancellations due to crew shortages, but they do not know more about the cause.

now confirms the union Parat that there is a conflict between pilots and Norwegian attached to an agreement on overtime and buying and selling holidays.

– Our pilots have an agreement with the employer about purchasing holidays. The agreement is terminated because of disagreement about its use by employers, says Parat leader Hans-Erik Skjæggerud.

The agreement expired on July 1 – the same day as the cancellations started. Skjæggerud will not elaborate on what they disagree on, but confirms that they have denounced it.

– If the notice of this agreement the reason for the cancellations?

– I will not speculate, but we have said to our pilots that they should relate to the agreement until further notice, said Skjæggerud.

the case will now enter for labor law, according Skjæggerud.

– there is no doubt that there is disagreement between the pilots and the employer. But until this is resolved in the labor law, we relate to the agreement, adding employers’ understanding to reason. We encourage pilots to stick to it.

– Is there a pilot action at once?

– I do not know it, says Skjæggerud and continues:

– If I had been made aware of this kind of action, I’d renounced it. This type of disagreement with the employer must either be resolved through negotiations or court.

Pilot Association: Has notified pilot shortage

Norwegian Pilot Union believes cancellations should not come as a surprise to Norwegian.

– We have warned that it is too small pilots in relation to production for months. Demand for free has been soaring. The cancellations should not come as a surprise to Norwegian, leader Halvor explains.

Customers rage against Norwegian : Agnesa (17) was alone again in Norway

Vatnar claim that the airline’s operation based on the use of overtime.

– It seems that Norwegian is planning overtime to liquidate ordinary production. The workforce does not match the volume of the number of flights to be carried out.

& lt; p & gt; UNION LEADER: Halvor Vatnar  leads the pilot association in Norwegian. Here he  is pictured ahead of mediations in Febr last year.  & lt; / p & gt;

UNION LEADER: Halvor Vatnar leads the pilot association in Norwegian. Here he is pictured ahead of mediations in Febr last year.

Photo: Trond Solberg VG

He has a great understanding that each pilot must decide whether they want to work overtime or not.

– We pilots have rarely free in the summer. And that it will have no bomb, he says, says she explains, adding that he thinks it’s terribly sad that vacationers families affected in this way.

– Is this is a protest against management because of discontent among pilots?

– I know nothing about.

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Norwegian: – Various reasons

Norwegian has not wanted to comment on the allegations of Parat and Norwegian Pilot Union.

– There are various reasons for the preferences we have had today and yesterday, writes press contact Linda Olsen in a email Saturday afternoon.

– Why do you sell tickets that you do not know whether you have the capacity to meet staffing on?

– Tickets are released for sale up to one year ahead, and then it has been a collaboration between different departments in the company that is planning where to fly, price on tickets and manning planes with crew. Unfortunately, it may occur shortage of crew in spite of this, but then it’s close to retirement and we must try to handle this in the best possible way, writes the press contact in Norwegian, Linda Olsen in an email to VG.

Earlier today she told VG that Norwegian has not managed to hire additional workforce to avoid cancellations.


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