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AIBN: – The automatic exposing road users to greater danger – NRK

– We have påpeika ein Auto in connection with that ein tek by brannsløkkingsapparat, so steer ein direction of the ventilation. And we have provided one-enrollment critical alert on it, says Rolf Mellum, Director of Accident Investigation Board.

Dei has investigated what happened and what could Vore done really liked this då the 11th August 2015 starting your burning it in a Swedish tourist bus inside the 11.4 km long Gudvanga Tunnel. 37 persons lasted evacuated five persons lasted skada, four of dei serious.

Animation of fire in Gudvanga Tunnel

If so, then it starting your fire in the tunnel lasted smoke lane in the direction Flam, but då bus driver removed brannsløkkingsapparatet inside the tunnel, black smoke automatically set to move towards Gudvangen . There was also the direction it was most drivers. The report states:

“The control system, which is used in several of the longest tunnel in Norway, vulnerable road users nearest fire instead of greater risk and lower their self-rescue. It also affected the VTS and fire brigade their situation control at an early stage. “

the AIBN recommends no that NPRA alter the automatic and make sure ventilation steering arm ivaretek road users their opportunities for self-rescue.

CRITICAL Rolf Mellum, Director at the Accident Investigation Board, they have found several things that should be done better.

Photo: Anette Holth Hansen / NRK

Road Administration has made changes

the reason that the system worked as it did in Gudvanga Tunnel in 2015 is that the fire brigade GUIDES others: fast possible to the city and to have fresh air in the back. Regional Manager in the NPRA, Helge Eidsnes, say that they no looking at approaches to whether the automatic steering arm.

– We have actually changed on these routines. In new tunnels are the completely different governance ways, where ventilation not automatically reversed. We look at how ancient tunnels can be upgraded, that will look for the system. We ein løpande dialogue with the fire department to put in place the best possible measures in each tunnel, victory Eidsnes.

CHANGE : On the basis of experience has NPRA already changed the automatic control system for ventilation in tunnels, says regional manager Helge Eidsnes.

Photo: Arne Veum

Better in 2015 than in 2013

the fire in Gudvanga Tunnel was the second in two years. If so, then took EiT Polish lorries guy. 28 persons fekk serious smoke injuries, and many fekk both physical and mental delayed injuries.

If so, then fekk fire brigade criticism that they controlled ventilation in the direction where it was most people and cars to satisfy inside the tunnel. AIBN pointed also to bad information to dei trapped, poor communication and facilitation to salvage out of the tunnel. Mellum says that the situation is anything better this a time.

– road users came better out and ein losing in and turned the ventilation after an assessment, and it is EiT big strides, and ein right tactics that should be further developed.

Recommendations from AIBN after Gudvanga Tunnel

  • NPRA should change automatics for ventilation, and make sure ventilation control takes heed road users their opportunities for self-rescue.
  • Public Roads Administration should establish opportunities for and recommend enrollment check before innkøyring to expose tunnels.
  • NPRA should review and improve the equipment and routines by fires in tunnels. It should also be developed technology that ensures real-time information and instructions for Road Traffic Management Centre that ensures immediate notification of road users in case of fire.
  • The Road Traffic Centers Lane should tie to naud online tunnels.
  • DSB should further develop how the fire department’s efforts and smoke control can best support the self-rescue principle for tunnel fire.


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