Thursday, April 14, 2016

- Julio Kopseng beaten six times in prison –

(Dagbladet): Serial Rape convicted Julio Kopseng (38) have been subjected to violence six times while he has been in prison. It emerged under military procedure in the afternoon.

– He’s tough prison conditions. Twice he was attacked while he was in custody, and it became a penal sanction against the perpetrator. In addition, there have been four times since, said attorney Johnny Veum Court of Appeal.

– By no later than last weekend he was subjected to violence, says medforsvarer Djordje Borojevic Dagbladet after the procedure.

Borojevic will not point out any suspects, and it is not yet clear whether Kopseng wish to report some of the recent violence cases.

Criticizes media

38-year-old ended up in hospital with concussion and ringing when he was attacked while he was detained in 2013. the dancer and entertainer zones at the moment the enforceable sentence he got in the same year, in Ullersmo prison in Romerike, but has previously served in Oslo and Ila prison.

Veum linking violence to what he calls a “unilateral and massive” media coverage, where police and prosecutors, according to him has been dominate.

– there is a possibility of isolation in prison, and it must be added weight, said the lawyer.

– For strictly

He requested that the court during his sentencing considers client mildest view. This after prosecutors earlier today let down allegation supreme penalty – 21 years of detention with 10 years minimum term – for Kopseng, who is guilty of having sexually abused 17 women and exposed his former partner to serious abuse.

– 20 or 21 years appears to be too high, said Veum, and showed ia that many of the abuses occurred several years before the review was provided.

prosecutors claim is the strictest claim ever laid down in a Norwegian rape. Taking the High Court claim to follow, get the 38-year-old dancer same punishment as such. Anders Behring Breivik and Viggo Kristiansen.

– Such punishment are relative to how my clients have described him, a dangerous felon with great repetition danger that society must be protected from, say counsel Trine Rjukan, representing ten of the victims, told Dagbladet.

not in court

Kopseng himself was not present in court today; He has remained in prison since the jury delivered its verdict Tuesday. They answered yes to 31 of 32 questions about the matter.

38-year-old convicted thus for raping 16 women, for having attempted to rape one woman and for the mistreatment of the former cohabitant. The court finds that she was raped over 400 times during the eight months she lived with him.

Aid Counsel leave under its procedures the claim redress for their clients. The “normal” replacement value by rape 150 000, but several of claims lay over this, considering the abuse the severity.

This is especially true for the former girlfriend, who received serious mental and physical injuries. Her representative Rjukan let formally the claim that the amount of compensation determined by the court’s discretion but argued that the sum should be about 350 000.

The trial in the very extensive case is now finished, after nearly three months. Now the three professional judges and three jurors discuss sentencing, which will be announced some weeks time.


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