Thursday, April 14, 2016

6800000000 Nav million abroad last year – NRK

In all, 83,609 people abroad received Nav money during 2015.

– Persons resident abroad received 6.8 billion from Nav in 2015. Although there is a lot of money so make up less than 2 percent of our total payments over a year, said performance director Kjersti Monland in Nav in a statement.

in all, 1.7 percent of total payments from Nav in 2015 went to people living abroad. Foreign nationals who are not resident in Norway, were the recipients of 0.6 percent of the payments.

More than half of the payments, nearly 3.8 billion, is retirement. Then follows disability with over 1.5 billion in 2015.

Most recipients in these categories are Norwegian nationals.

Most money paid to Sweden, with over 2.3 billion. Furthermore, Spain, there Nav transmits 797 million, mainly to Norwegian recipients.

A total of 361 million transferred to recipients in Poland. Here are just 11 percent of payments to Norwegian nationals.

Respectively 177 and 46 million was paid out in unemployment benefits and cash abroad. For unemployment benefit is 89 percent of the recipients of foreign citizens and only 7 percent are women.

The ratio of recipients of cash is that 85 percent of beneficiaries are foreign nationals and half of the transfers going to Poland.

In 2014 paid Nav out 6.2 billion abroad.


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