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MDG-Lan spoke with Labor Hadia about harassment – VG

Lan Marie Nguyen Berg has gone from virtually unknown to Norway’s most Google politician in under a year. She also marks politician harassment – and has received good advice of Aps Hadia Tajik.

A week before the city council half birthday she must almost pinch yourself of all the changes – for better or worse.

for last year at this time knew almost no one in Norway who Lan Marie Nguyen Berg was. So sped the Green Party up in the polls, and she was environmental and samferdelsbyråd in Oslo.

– I think everyone in politics wants us to discuss the most policies and least amount of people in politics. But then it was the last year suddenly very much attention on me as a person. Right after the election there was such a lot of people would create portrait interviews, and it feels strange in itself. Why should I be so interesting, ask Berg himself in this VG interview.


She was suddenly known as MDG-Lan, preferably with a helmet on his head:

& lt; p & gt; CYCLING MANAGER: Byr & #  xE5; d for transport and environment & # xF8;  Oslo, Lan Marie Nguyen Berg. & lt; / p & gt;

CYCLING MANAGER: Commissioner for Transport and Environment in Oslo, Lan Marie Nguyen Berg.

Photo: Pål Ertzaas

– I gave some interviews because I am passionate about environmental policy and will work where I think it is most useful that I am. But suddenly it’s me as a person, both who I am and how I transports me being in focus. It felt strange to be so interesting., Says she and shows including the case that she took the taxi from a NRK debate.

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– People are wondering of whom we choose to govern the country or city, and gives power and confidence?

– Yes, and I understand very well but personally it feels strange. I do not feel that any particular person. I just have a big responsibility, and that we will do something and find solutions to the climate crisis.

After the election she became the most googled politician in Norway.

– I think it is about that people became aware of the Green Party, and that I got a position in Oslo. I do not think people expected that we would get power so quickly, and then I think people were very interested in who we are, and I understand that well, says Berg.


in addition to all these steps, is also experiencing her criticism and harassment in the comments section, e-mails and other feedback.

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– Yes, and it’s like that all over the world, and it seems that women politicians have less “to go on.”

– have you experienced much sake recent months?

– There have been quite a lot at times, although I’m not quite sure what “a lot” in this context. But it has been in social media, in the comments section, e-mails and letters in the mail.

– Moves the most political content or other factors?

– One can read some myself, and I have not brought any statistics, but I would say that the vast majority of comments have no political content

– is it in you?

– it depends on the day’s form and other things, but I’ve been pretty good to distance myself from it, I think you have to. So it is important that young women politicians are in politics to try to do something with these structures that make so many young women are subjected to harassment and ukonstruktiv feedback.

Hadia Tajik

– the past week has been focused on much agitation against Hadia Tajik. What did you think when you saw it?

– First and foremost, she was sooo tough. And I can understand a little of what it is, although I think she experiences a different sake than I do. She will probably be exposed to more racism than me, for example, and it’s obviously not okay that there should be such a large additional burden for young female politicians, especially from different backgrounds or beliefs, Berg says.

– How do you handle this harassment?

– I have many around me who have experience with similar things, as I’m talking to. So I partly had a talk with Hadia and it helped me, I appreciated that she and others have been so collegial about this topic, Berg says.

Did settlement

& lt; p & gt; settlement & # xD8; R:  Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee  on Justice, Hadia Tajik (Ap) took l & # xF8;  rdag a settlement & # xF8; r with online  harassment. & lt; / p & gt;

SETTLEMENT: Chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice, Hadia Tajik (Ap) took Saturday a settlement with online harassment.

Photo: Einar Otto Stangvik VG

Hadia Tajik took rest even confront harassment against him yesterday, when she spoke to the annual meeting in Nord-Trondelag Labor.

– I am no stranger. I was born in Norway. Much of my adult life has been about to be of service to Norway. When one day I die I become buried in Norway. What I exposed to is not foreign hostile. It’s just hosting .

Facing VG would not Khas deepen their statements yesterday.


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