Thursday, April 14, 2016

- Kopseng case unprecedented in legal history – NRK

The appeal against the 38-year-old former entertainer and television dancer has been going on for about three months and today let prosecutor, public prosecutor Guro Hansson Bull, the claim 21 years of detention, with a minimum term of 10 years – that is the strictest punishment.

– Prosecutors are not familiar with a similar case, with such a large scale, said Attorney Guro Hansson Bull when she litigated for Court of Appeal today.

– the issue must also be seen in the context that Kopseng already been sentenced to three and a half years in prison for two rapes. He uses all the necessary power and all necessary means to carry out rapes, said Bull.

– Closure and manipulated

The prosecutor believes Kopseng case unprecedented in legal history as regards the scope and duration .

– he has picked out women in a vulnerable situation, he has lured and manipulated and threatened to such an extent that one of the victims fainted out of fear of being killed after being raped in the toilet to burger King in Karl Johans gate in Oslo. Prosecutors are not aware of any similar case, with such a large scale, said Bull.

It is very rare that the statutory maximum level used in preventive detentions, and it has never happened in the rape case.

Did not the court

Tuesday April 12 was the jury agreed that Kopseng was guilty of the rape of 16 women, an attempted rape and mistreatment of the former her boyfriend.

Attorney Johnny Veum

Photo: Ruud, Vidar / NTB scanpix

Thus, he was found guilty of all the rapes he was charged, but acquitted of a subparagraph of having drugged a woman before he raped her.

the following days did not meet Kopseng even in court, nor today, according to defender Johnny Veum was due to the ” personal reasons. “

– Rape in the heartland

Already in the introduction to his procedure suggested Attorney Guro Hansson Bull assertion severe punishment.

– rape is heartland in the legislator’s desire for a tougher punishment level, she said.

38-year-old throughout the juvenile justice denied categorically raping anyone and claims he can not even recall having met some of the victims.

appeal case

in Oslo District Court was the artist and dancer sentenced to twelve years of detention with a minimum term of eight years in December last year. When he was already convicted of rape of 11 other women earlier in the year.

The verdict to be avsis against Kopseng, a samledom for the two appeal cases that are processed now and the enforceable judgment from 2013.

Significant for forvaringsdom the risk of new rapes upon completion of sentence of timed judgment.

the forensic psychiatric expert has previously concluded that Kopseng has an antisocial personality disorder and pervasive psychopathic traits.

the risk of new sexual violence is high, they stated when the provisional final Kopseng case went Oslo District Court.


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